EasySales – Technology Solution Provider (TSP)

EasySales – Technology Solution Provider (TSP)

EasySales已经获得了政府的认证,让我们可以为中小型企业实行补助计划的 Technology Solution Provider (TSP)。
正所谓:“工欲善其事,必先利其器”。所以中小型企业的商家,可以得到 50% 的补助金,最高 RM5,000 来购买我们的 EasySales。
我们的Sales Consultant.在家呆到快发霉了。马上 WhatsApp 我们的 Sales Consultant 吧。


  1. 销售员可以随时随地自行用手机下订单,省下开单记账的麻烦
  2. 销售员可自行查阅客户过往的买卖记录,欠款等等
  3. 销售员可以轻松而不会失误地处理重复性的订单
  4. 让您可查寻客户所有买卖记录及掌握客户的喜好,做针对性的销售策略
  5. 系统简单,方便以及可以连接跟您的Accounting System

P/s: 我们的系统适合批发商 (Wholesaler & Distributor) 和制造商 (Manufacturer) , 并不适合零售商 (Retailer)

These days feel boring and can’t go out because of the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

If you feel bored, this is the moment that make you company’s systems up and running quickly. May wish to take some time to learn something that can speed up your sales ordering process after COVID-19~ use the fastest method to earn back all the money before covid-19 !

EasySales has been certified by the government as a Technology Solution Provider (TSP) that allows us to implement subsidy programs for the SMEs.

To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools. (idiom)
The SMEs can get a 50% subsidy up to RM5,000 to purchase our EasySales. Our Sales Consultant is almost ‘moldy’ at home. WhatsApp Our Sales Consultant NOW.

*PS: Our System are suitable for the Wholesaler, Distributor or Manufacturer. Are now suitable for Retailer.


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