EasySales Van Sales Ordering

Still using a stack of paper and pens to direct sales?

Looks our customer, from Kimfoh Poultry & Marketing SDN BHD. Egg wholesealer company. In this era of great changes. Kimfoh choose to make changes because they realized that it would be out of crisis.

We appreciate our client kimfoh for letting us standby at their site. We were surprised by the users for their willingness to help us to make our app better. They have already tried our app and we managed to change few things for them. Now our app is better than ever for cash sales users.

Our app is able to print receipt and other documents for the salesman. By improving our printing system, we have assured a worry less way of order taking for the salesman.

Our van/lorry stock quantity solution provides an accurate idea of stock management to the user. In this way, it not only eases the job for the admin to restock management but also for the driver to keep track of the sales

Lorry drivers are often occupied with many things in their hands, struggling under hot sun or even running in the rain. So, our App GUI allows the users to have a flawless experience in any situation.







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