EasySales : An Order Taking App for a New Era in Sales

Nowadays in wholesale environment, manufacturers & distributors are seeing an innovation boom. With mobile sales applications, and other B2B technologies, retailers are starting to expect a much more smooth ordering experience than that of years past. Many salesmen in wholesale industry are still taking orders using paper order forms and other old method of order taking systems like filling up the PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets. To depend on this kind of manual order taking way is not easy in today’s digital, on-demand environment. The necessity for a new kind of order taking app/system has become increasingly apparent.

Traditional way of taking orders always has the risk of human errors. Typos, illegibility, and lost of order forms are just some of the common errors when it comes to manual order taking. In addition, these order taking methods cost a lot of money and time. When salespersons are at the customer’s place, writing orders on a form can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Also, to print paper product catalogs is expensive, and they often quickly become outdated. These shortcomings stop salespersons from providing superior customer service, which is a key differentiator for B2B companies.

It is good that manufacturers and distributors can now have access to order taking app/system that fits this new era of wholesale sales. Mobile order taking application like EasySales empowers salespersons to type orders via any device – smartphones, iPad or tablets, eliminating the need for manual or duplicate order entry. An ideal order taking app for today’s salesperson not only helps them to take orders faster, but also have those orders synced immediately to back office system. The syncing of information is not just an outbound action. Data from the back office like product or new pricing updates, new customer information, and inventory levels can be synced to salespersons mobile devices. A robust order taking app like EasySales ensures salespersons have all the necessary details they need to go for sales appointment/meeting.

The adoption of mobile order taking application tells customers and competition alike that your brand is relevant and modern. Salespersons using order taking app like EasySales can place orders faster and more efficiently, while also bring down order processing costs. For manufacturers and distributors wanting to maximize their business, an order taking app like EasySales can certainly revolutionize the way they sell to customers.

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