EasySales App is the solution for sales teams to boost their effectiveness & increase order volumes

EasySales order taking App gives your salesperson extra time to talk with customers, since the orders can be placed directly without the necessity for duplicate entry, resulting in a lot of upsell and cross-selling opportunities. Not only your salesperson will have additional time to sell to customers, their conversations will be even smarter. The reason is because their access to product and customer details will be highly enhanced with an order taking app at their fingertips.

Without an order taking app like EasySales, manual order writing can be inconvenient and unmanageable task in the sales process. This issue can be solved by empowering your salesperson with proper technology — namely, a robust order taking app like EasySales App.

EasySales allows salesperson to write orders faster, provides them the product and customer details they need to have strategic conversations with customers. Below are just a few of EasySales most commonly used features:

Digital catalog with multiple images for each item

Access to customers top ordered items and order history

Previous orders duplication for easy ordering

Customer special pricing and discounts

Accurate product availability or out-of-stock items notifications

Efficient display of SKUs in various sizes, colors, materials, etc.

Reports on salesperson performance

Immediate synchronization of orders taken by salesperson

Mobile app that are fully accessible and works offline

Multiple integrations to any accounting software or ERP system

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