EasySales - Paperless bring both customer and company convenience

EasySales is a native mobile application as it provides small businesses, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all information to make a wonderful sales presentation on customer site or outside the office. Making your salesman to boost order becomes your company's sales hero

EasySales includes high resolution product catalogue, customer purchase history and customer payment status. Through a real-time internet connection to EasySales Back Office, your sales consultant can process quotes and orders, take payments and collect signatures on the customer site with their mobile devices.

Our company philosophy is set to develop system for application that integrates with ordering platform as well conceptualizes with the mobility of smart devices and systems to facilitate organization's product ordering processes.

EasySales is designed to be a unique and achievable businesses for each organization with integration of our ease of use business solutions into the smart devices that business person, employees and people that uses every day, anytime and at anywhere.

  • ACHIEVABLE - Environmental friendly, paperless bring both customer and company convenience. Improve reducing mistake, All data will be stored in mobile devices.
  • ANYTIME - No network connection / network connected? Your customer still able to shop and place your order anytime while offline.
  • ANYWHERE - Wherever your client or salesperson is, they could easily browse through your company app with internet connection to shop and place order.

Primary Method of Order Writing

  • Statistic based on 400+ wholesales
  • 25% will invest in order writing application in next 12 months
  • 47% of ordering application user get orders to the back office in less than 1 hour compare to only 17% of manual order

Some Screenshots of EasySales

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